Reiki Master Johrei Reiki - May 2010

In-Line Balancing - November 2010

Spontaneous Cellular Release - May 2011

Reiki Master Usui Reiki - July 2012

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher - December 2018

Certifications I Have

What Is Reiki



~ An energy healing system that assists in balancing energy for the purpose of Stress Reduction, Pain Management, and Relaxation.

~ The healer (the Reiki practitioner) pulls in and sends Universal Life Energy to the client. The client's body then uses that energy to begin the balancing and healing process.

What Is InLine Balancing



~ Provides the client the energy for beginning the process of activating the Merkabah (internal Star of David - no religious connotations) in alignment

with the client’s Light Body.

~ Energy is brought in to assist the client in cleaning the chakras, internal organs and subtle bodies.

~ ILB energy can help the client to attune themselves to the Universal Grid System of Truth.

What Is SCR



~ Spontaneous Cellular Release (SCR) is a deep cellular release energy healing modality that is both universal and spiritual. SCR energy concentrates on the deepest cellular levels activating release, renewal and healing within 7 levels of consciousness.

~ SCR is a subtle energy which promotes the clearing, cleansing and blockages of the past, and present as it creates a safe and sacred alignment for the body, mind and spirit allowing the CHI to follow with balance and a knowing of well-being.