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Energy Healing When Your Doctor Cannot Find What’s Wrong

I had a friend that was having severe pain on his left side from his ear to his chest and back. He had gone to the Doctor and they had given him and MRI, x-rays and cat scan all of them were clear. At this point I offered to do a healing on him to give him healing for pain. After the healing the pain had significantly decreased. By the third healing the pain was gone. He has been pain free for almost four years! 

Before each healing I sit with the client and discuss what is going on with them now, what they feel they need help with or worked on, and if I feel it is needed we go over their medical history. This client was very healthy. The only issue he had was ten years prior he had fallen off a 34’ roof. He had some injuries. His nose was bleeding from hitting a wood column but nothing else. When the paramedic showed up he said he was lucky he did not have more injuries or had died from the fall.  For ten years after the fall he had no health issues. But around ten years after the fall he started having the severe pain with no explanation for it. 

During our discussions and in the healings, we were able to figure out that when he had the fall ten years prior it had weakened his energy field and it made him vulnerable to negative energy.  The side of his body that was in pain is the same side he landed on in the fall. I was able to remove the negativity and the pain went away. We also had to work on building up the protection around him, so it would not happen again. After the three healings his pain was gone completely.

When our energy is weakened things can attach or people can send negativity to you and weaken you and even cause pain and illness that Doctors may not be able to find because it is not physical yet.

Everyone is vulnerable to picking up negative energy being sent from someone who is angry with us.  We can even receive this negative energy from someone who got mad at us for not turning on our blinker and, this can affect us. 

Have you ever noticed how tired you are after shopping at Wal Mart or other public places? We are all vulnerable to negative energy affecting us. It is a good idea to learn to protect yourself when going to any public place. 

Here is a blog I did back in April. In it I explain how I protect myself.


To help you get the most from your healing experience I have a few tips to help you out.

First, you want to be comfortable with the person doing the healing. If you are not comfortable with them you may not get the most out of the healing. You need to be able to trust who is working on you and be fully open to them.

Second you need to share everything you possibly can with the healer. This will help them more accurately figure out what is going on.  Yes, most healers are intuitive, but we are all human in human bodies and we sometimes can interpret what we see from our experiences which might not be your experience. 

Finally, you must want to get better, believe that this can work, and be willing to work on yourself. 

I want to thank my friend for allowing me to share his story. I am so grateful that he allowed me to be a part of his healing.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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