Intuitive Healing


~ As a healer I use intuition during my energy healings to allow what is needed for each person individually. My healings include Reiki, and other healing modalities,  along with other healing techniques that have been brought to me during healing sessions.


~ During your healing session I will clear your aura and balance your Chakras .  I will also do a soul cleansing, healing past life, this life, future lives and ancestors.

~ We will also work on aches and pains that are mental, physical, and/or spiritual.  

~ The healings are customized to what you need.

~ These healings give you a head start to help you heal yourself. Each healing will also have a written message for you to continue your healing through words or advice from the Ascended Masters, Angels and your guides.

~ Energy healing will work even If you are not comfortable talking about what you want worked on. The energy goes wherever needed and does what needs to be done! 

~Clients lay down for Sessions (if possible).   One session may take up to an hour - so please make those time allowances. 


Spiritual Messages and Guidance


Spiritual Messages and Guidance

Channeled by Tracy

From the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, Guides...etc.

Message channeled to offer guidance for your life’s journey.

House Clearing


 ~ I will first read the energy in the house

~ I will go through and clear all the heavy energy 

~ Bring in positive energy

~ Seal it to keep the light energy in the house

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