Work with me


Pain - whether physical or emotional - doesn't have to be your norm.

You've seen the so-called experts, run the gamut of natural remedies, even consider meds.

All you want is to feel good again, without pharmaceuticals.

Ill health is overwhelming and exhausting. After a while, you have no idea where to turn.

I've been there and have come out the other side stronger, healthier and able to better handle what life throws at me.

I'm Tracy and I'm a spiritual mentor and energy healer. I help people just like you release the pain, clear old energy and heal their body, mind and soul.

Together, we clear anything you no longer need that may be affecting you without you knowing it - your energy and your aura. Then we send healing energy, balance your chakras and I share any spiritual messages from your guides.

You'll also learn how to protect yourself, so you don't pick up negative energy or attachments from others, and how to clean the energy in your home.

You'll feel lighter and your stress diminishes, so we can begin the true work.

Mindset coaching helps you figure out what is causing the stress and overwhelm, and possibly sickness. We examine and shift your thinking and perceptions. This work is deep and profound.

You will feel less burdened and better able to handle what life throws at you. And you will have a strong mindset to help yourself overcome the stress and anxiety, preventing future illness.

If this fits you and you are really ready to make a change click the button below to sign up for a 15 min consult with me to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Working With Tracy

What we will work on


  • Stress overwhelm
  • Panic attacks  
  • Mental chaos and confusion
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Body pain and discomfort
  • Or any other issues you may have
  • You will learn how to protect your energy
  • You will learn how to clear the energy in your home

Each intuitive healing I will


  • Clear your aura the energy around your physical body
  • Clear your energy
  • Balance, your chakras
  • Send healing energy to the parts of the body that need it
  • send healing energy to the parts of the body that need it
  • Receive a spiritual message from your guides to help in your healing journey
  • Anything  else I am guided to do

Your results


  • You will feel more relaxed
  • Less anxiety
  • You will be better equipped to deal with stress
  • All the old energy will be cleared out
  • Your body will have an easier time healing itself 
  • you will be better equipped to deal with stress and overwhelm
  • You are more open and free to work on your mindset.

Ready to start your journey to feel and live better contact me for your 15 min consultation. 


Family package


2 month working with the entire family

click here for more information on the family package

 Its time now to start your healing journey contact me for your 15 min consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.